KATch-UP Mondays: You At The End of … You!

Good, bad, ugly, indifferent all made a difference in the person we are today. As you look back over your life what is the first memory you have? Is it a good one? A bad one? Was there many tragedies that occurred? Was your life filled with money and joy or money with pain? Perhaps a life filled with anguish and laughter. Somewhere in there you will find where you fit.

It’s a common writing about ”The Dash.” The dash represents what will take place from our beginning to our end. The power of the dash tells the story, but what story? Here’s its writing …

Image result for the dash poem

This morning’s thought stems from a message my Dad brought yesterday. He talked of our lives being shaped from the very beginning; choices we’d make throughout would bring us to where we are now: good or bad. We fail to realize that everything, really, is for a reason. Our lives are mapped out to the tee. No, we don’t know all the little stuff in between, but if we take a look we’d find that those “ups and downs” were the betterment of who we are today. Some may think, “But I’m homeless.” Yet, that’s why God put people of wealth, of heart, etc., to care about you! They are pushed (rather they want to or not) to make sure you are taking care of. Maybe a thought of, “But I suffered abuse!” Yes, you did! And look at you now. You are a testimony for others of the strength you had to endure. This is a part of my story:

My book “Naked Before You” coming soon.

This is another moment of reflection. What are your thoughts? Do you believe your life has aligned with the choices you’ve made? If you don’t think so … take the time to reminisce and you will find you at the end of you!

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