Medicine That “Kills”?

When you see the ads on TV that advertise the different types of meds that can help, do you ever wonder why at the end do they say, “this medicine may …. kill you”? Doesn’t that scare you to believe it won’t work? It will “cure” one symptom, yet, bring on another. That’s scary to me.

I’ve mentioned that I have asthma. It has reached a point where I needed a stronger medication due to the swelling that happens. I’ve been to emergency twice for an attack. Now, some may wonder why didn’t I do my Ventolin at the first onset. I did. It didn’t work. One time (if I’ve told this story before it escapes me at the moment and apologize if it is a repeat) I washed my car. I was its detailer. I did inside out cleaning. It was quite breezy that day though it was fairly warm outside. After I finished I came in and felt a tightness in my chest. I immediately grabbed the inhaler and did my two puffs. It didn’t work. So, I drank coffee black. Important notation … I’m not a coffee drinker so either way it’s nasty to me: black, cream, sugar. It doesn’t matter it’s all the same in nastiness lol.

A couple of hours later, I then texted a friend of mine whose son suffers from asthma as I do. I asked her if it would be okay to take two more puffs of the Ventolin because the tightness increased and breathing was far and in between. She told me yes, so I did, but it did nothing. I ran out of Montelukast (a generic for Singular) and another friend of mine gave me one. Still no help. I had to go to emergency!!

They had to give me two breathing treatments. These treatments have a steroid to help open the lungs up. Think about that! I had to have two! That’s how bad it had become. After it opened I was okay. I was shaking (one of the side effects that happen) but I was okay. And then it happens. I have to go see my primary for checkup to see where I am.

Image result for Breo

When my doctor gave it to me I was scared out of my wits. In yesterday’s post I mentioned my other Mom who is a retired nurse. Well, years ago I asked her about this medicine because I told her what was said on TV about this “supposed medicine” that would help me breathe. She told me to relax and said it was okay to take. So, then that is the question … what is okay to take and what is not okay to take?

My theme states it all. “Medicine That Kills” is an important topic that need addressing. I understand they have to inform of the side effects that may happen if you take this medicine. They let you know that you must let your doctor know if you have any allergies for whatever said that can counteract the medicine recommended. I get that, but they make it virtually impossible to feel secure about taking their recommendations. I don’t care what the subject (cold, asthma, depression, etc.) our lives are at stake.

What is the general consensus about what is good for us to take? Everything has a side effect! I guess that’s the way of the world. A friend of mine was telling me he noticed that he had been taking too much Vitamin A. It had a reverse effect! Vitamins, medicines, etc., are good for you but too much of anything is bad for you. So, when and how and what is actually the proper in it all? You tell me!

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