Blog Fridays: Can You Help, Again?

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This is funny to me. I just requested your help yesterday on the idea of breaking monotony; its plausibility. Here I am again (again — monotony the way of life lol).

Stretching the imagination can, sometimes, become blocked; stagnant. There are millions of you out there who have so many ways of looking at things I’d liked to pick your brain.

The help I seek is that of writing ideas. If you have read any of my writings (the “poetry” stuff) I try to write about different angles. I know life consists of: relationships, work and religion. These three categories encompass all the facets we face. So, hit me with a few and I want to challenge myself to write about it.

I look forward to your input and, thank you, in advance! …. oh, and by the way, I apologize for the this post seemingly being “out of sorts.” What I mean, I’ve reread it several times and it seems like I’m all over the place. I guess I’m having an off day. Yet, you’re getting to know me, I’m willing to allow you to see what we all mirror but, maybe, be to afraid to display it because we’re always trying to “live up to par” to the best of the best! You awesome writers, “I salute you!”

I’m crazy but I, actually, like this writing ….

From the Book “A Mirror’s Reflection” Beyond the Veil

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