What is There is Not Always Their

Bloggers?! We’re obsessed with blogging some intrigue of whatever the sort to get someone to read our message. Yeah, yeah! The typical to why we dos and becauses’. Just ridiculous. So, that lead me to my “drudged entertainment” for the day, lol! I’m being hard on myself, but not really. Today’s blog presents my “every-once-in-a-while” challenge.

Wait a sec … is it every once in a while? LOL. I need the thinking emoji right about now lol. I think I did a “challenge” not long ago. Was it yesterday? …. I don’t remember. …. Okay, okay …. let’s begin ……

Welcome to the “No-Yes Experience”
Solve tone’s deliverance as the maker of “indifference”
Don’t assume anything
Keep an opened mind
Twists and turns are the things that cloud our define

Image result for assisted harassment
Is a no a no?
Is it a yes?
Is 'although' the go as the 'no-yes' permits progress?
What is the problem?
The 'no-yes' is just to better another's consequences
It's not like the other can evolve them ...
Evident in their cognizant
Related image
Do you see what’s wrong?
Was a dissonant tone used above?
The sound of harassment; the sound in love?
If you first thought harassment, maybe you were a tad farfetched
Obviously, a connect misconstrued as reject
Love is, may be to some, melodies of harassing enchantments
Benefited advancements in steps toward enhancement
Fasten your eyes on a bigger point
You'd see the anointment in blissful chemistry
Preferably the gestured unselfishly lending resourcefulness generously
Image result for assisted harassment
Does the tone in the explained sound one sided?
A misguide to the other's applied?
Yet, retrace as the 'no-yes' permits its case ...
Evident displace by one or both parties encase?

Antagonism is the motivation behind the “riddle.” We see it happening; kind of like the “Me Too” movement. Sometimes what is “shared” is not really the truth. Do I think some would make up something to get attention and/or money? I absolutely do! Take a look at the 9’11 crisis. Unfortunately, it was reported that people made up nonexistent family just to gain. Sad, but true! This point is crucial and needs a closer careful look.

I didn’t reveal the riddle. It is left for you to decide. This is another awareness mirroring our everyday. By all means, I’d love to know your standpoint. Did you find what’s in the picture? ….

Related image
Scary isn’t?

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