I’m Feeling Purple

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The color in you

What are you feeling today? Are you feeling red, yellow or green? Our world is filled with color and they all have a meaning. Purple is my favorite color so, for whatever reason (and I also mentioned in another post that I spot purple vehicles all the time lol) it is my guide. How about you?

Color Meaning Chart

Choosing the colors to represent your business can be very tricky. Remember, you will be investing a lot of money in your brand over time. You may have letterhead, marketing materials, building signage, vehicle signage, uniforms and more that use your color pallete prominently. You’ll want to get it right the first time to avoid spending valuable marketing dollars re-branding down the line.

Making careful, informed decisions about color now will payoff in the future. Beware of being too subjective. If your spouse hates light blue that is not a valid reason to not use that color. Also consider breaking out of your industry’s traditional color choices. Banks and Health Care companies almost always use blue and green, but ING Direct went with orange to stand out from the crowd as a different kind of bank. If you attend trade shows for your industry look around and see what colors dominate the room and how you could stand out from all the rest.

Take a look at the color meaning chart below to get a sense of what feelings and attitudes different colors convey.

Color Meaning Chart

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