KATch-UP Mondays: Outrageous Supreme

Good morning! I’m not sure about you but I’m affected and effected about the outrageous price of gas and food. Like … “really people, we were barely affording them then what makes you think we can afford it now” (lol). I don’t know about you but there are some things out there that people have done that are pretty outrageous. I guess that’s why the Guinness Book of World Records was created.

Here are just a few and they’re hilarious …

10. There’s a Guy Who Has Written 100,000 Songs, Filled Over 1,000 Journals, and Uploaded Hundreds Upon of Videos, All of Which Are About Him Wanting to Meet P. Diddy.

puff daddy photo

The Original Puff Daddy: Photo by LeoAmadeus Via Flickr Creative Commons

Formerly known on YouTube as Humanbeing151, this former internet phenomenon had his YouTube account terminated due to, according to this page on YouTube, “repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines…” Yikes! Well, I guess I don’t blame YouTube for getting rid of the guy. Although unfortunately you can no longer look at his account, if you type Humanbeing151 into Google, you can find plenty of archived images, videos, and hours worth of creepy entertainment from a man who really, really want to attract P. Diddy into his life. Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be, Humanbeing151.

9. In 2010, A Grandmother and Grandson Fell In Love and Had a Child Together

heart photo

Photo by OpenClips Via Pixabay

According to a story in the Guardian, in 2010 a man tracked down his long-lost grandma 22 years after he was born. Just a few years later, the two have decided to pay a surrogate mother 20,000 euros for them to be able to raise a child together. Although they apparently, according to the article, “could face prison for incest,” the couple states that they are extremely happy together, and they both feel like this is a second chance for them to find happiness. A part of me is always happy when a couple finds themselves to be happy together, but man, this one is just a little too creepy for my taste.

8. A Famous Investor Made Over 20K Per Minute

warren buffett photo

Warren Buffett: Photo by Aaron Friedman Via Flickr Creative Commons

The highly beloved American Investor Warren Buffett makes, according to a Forbes Magazine article, approximately $23,000 – $25,000 per minute, which amounts to around $11,000,000,000 per year, give or take a couple hundred million dollars. When some people in America go to college, gain advanced degrees, and still find themselves winning a salary of approximately $25k or less in full-time custodian positions, or even less considering the state of our economy, this figure has to make you wonder if the distribution of wealth makes any sense at all in America. Even more compelling, if you make $33,000 per year, according to this article, you are in the top 1% of the richest people in the world! So that means Warren Buffett hits the equivalent of the richest 1% of people in the world every minute and a half. Buffett is a charitable, likeable man who gives away a great deal of his income in philanthropic activities – if only every man who makes twenty grand a minute were like him.

7. Two Writers At a Website Dedicated to Healthy Living Listed McDonalds At #8 On a Top Ten List of the Healthiest Fast Food Restaurants

mcdonalds photo

Photo by jurvetson Via Flickr Creative Commons

In 2009, Two writers for the website www.health.com published a curious article that claims McDonalds is the 8th healthiest fast food restaurant in America.

Hmmm….Is it just me, or is this kind of completely ridiculous and outrageous?

I understand I probably don’t have to even go into it, but I suppose I will – McDonald’s has been a countless target for food addiction issues, frying all of their foods, not using well-sourced meat for their beef patties, using questionable materials in their chicken nuggets, and for exceeding caloric limits for a healthy meal by disgusting margins in nearly every single order. Sure, it tastes delicious, but is anyone going to say it is healthy? Maybe this is more of a commentary on the state of fast food, and by putting McDonald’s at #8, they are saying that there is virtually no option for eating healthy at a fast food restaurant. But when you read the article, their words suggest otherwise.

6. Four Strange Men Claimed to Be the Reincarnation of Jesus Christ

In reality, I am sure there are 1,000s of people who think in their minds that they are the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, but in the 21st century, four notable examples stand out: Apollo QuiboloyAlan John MillerDavid Shayler, and Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez. So why do these four stand out? Well, they are the four who have probably gained the most recognition for their claims to be the Second Coming of JC himself. For example, Alan John Miller has successfully started a new religious movement, the “Divine Truth,” revolving around himself as being Jesus teaching his followers all sorts of moral principles from the Bible. Other notable accomplishments from this group of people include David Shayler, who was a former security officer in Britain turned journalist who believes himself to be the Messiah.

5. This One Woman Died Because She Tried to Drink Tons of Water In Order To Win a Nintendo Wii

In 2006, a radio station was holding a contest to see how long people could drink large quantities water without having to urinate in order to win a Nintendo Wii. A rather ludicrous concept to begin with, these people were being broadcast over radio while drinking eight ounce bottles of water being handed to them every fifteen minutes. Apparently, a nurse even called into the station claiming that the stunt was potentially fatal. Too bad no one listened to her, as the men at the radio station continued to push the contest. Unfortunately, one of the women drank too much water and died following the contest. Who would participate in a water binging contest, of all things?

4. A Devoted Independent Filmmaker Posted Over Four Hours Of Completely Genius Film Criticism of Star Wars Episodes I, II, and III on YouTube While Pretending to Be a Misogynistic Kidnapper

In what might be considered the most insanely hilarious yet thoughtful and entertaining film criticism of all time, Mike Stoklasa, head of the independent film company Red Letter Media, posted well over four hours of verbal commentary about George Lucas’ Star Wars Episodes I-III, completely shattering any shred of positive reputation left in the Star Wars series. Interesting points from his criticisms include an interesting thought about “the force; ”in The Phantom Menace, young Anakin is told that the force is made up of “midichlorions,” tiny particles that make the force happen. Stoklasa absolutely rips this explanation of the force, stating that it destroys the original Star Wars’ intentions of making the force seem like a spiritual, non-physical force meant to be utilized for good. While posting his commentary, he makes strange allusions to being a misogynist 100+ year-old kidnapper. Check out the first part of the criticism above.

3. Kanye West Posed as Jesus Christ On the Cover of Rolling Stone Magazine

kanye west photo

Photo by angelonfire Via Flickr Creative Commons

There are so many outrageous Kanye West moments you could put in any top ten list, but this one seems to take the cake. In 2006, Kanye West posed on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine wearing a crown of thorns on his head: yikes Kanye! Without surprise, religious zealots throughout the world criticized Kanye for his antics, and so began a long career of fame, fortune, and several scenes of Kanye comparing himself to people like God, Jesus, not to mention a video suggesting he falls in love with an angel from heaven.

2. Some Random Dude Won On the Game Show Jeopardy Seventy-Four Times In a Row, Winning Over One Million Dollars

ken jennings photo

Jeopardy Millionaire Ken Jennings: Photo by Officer Phil Via Flickr Creative Commons

In the early 2000s, Jeopardy lifted its previous ruling that a candidate could not be on the show for more than five consecutive appearances, even if they won every single game. Shortly thereafter, a random guy named Ken Jennings won 74 Jeopardy games in a row, losing on the very final question on the 75th game to Nancy Zerg. He has since become a minor celebrity worldwide, selling trivia and Jeopardy themed products to people all over the world. I have read in some sources that Ken Jennings answered over 6,000 questions correctly during his Jeopardy tenure, a phenomenal amount of trivia for any human normal or outrageous.

1. An Influential Evangelist Made Millions Upon Millions of People Actually Believe the Rapture Was Coming, and His Sponsoring Radio Station Spent Over $100,000,000.00 Promoting the Message

harold camping photo

Photo by Lord Jim Via Flickr Creative Commons

In 2011, evangelist and radio broadcaster Harold Camping actually convinced millions upon millions of people that the Rapture was coming. Some 300 parishioners had actually sold everything they owned, while thousands upon thousands of others gave up their jobs, purportedly stopped paying for their children’s college funds, and spent a great deal of time and money promoting Harold Camping’s message. Atheists, multitudes of Christian churches, and other groups harshly attacked Camping’s words, words that claimed the rapture was to take place on May 21, 2011.

When the Rapture did not occur, Camping and his many followers had collectively lost well over $110,000,000.00. I mean come on, the things people do.

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