Bloggers, May I Have Your Indulgence

Apparently, I’m doing a string this week. Monday and Wednesday’s post was pretty “hit home” to me. It lead me to think about this personal story I’d like to share with you about healing. This promises to be a short but significant story.

Maybe a couple of years ago, an acquaintance of mine was asking about my depression. He wondered what I did to overcome it. I explained that overcoming didn’t happen! The seed of depression is like the abyss of the ocean — it runs beyond deep. What I did do, however, I learned how to handle it. So, he then asked how. I told him that overtime I learned my triggers. Depression, like anger, has triggers! Even, now, the thought comes to me that anger is a protection to the vulnerability that won’t and/or can’t heal. So, then he told me about a colleague of his who’s suffering from depression. He said she’d talk about it but didn’t want, seemingly, to get help. I, then, lowered the boom!

She didn’t want the help! This young lady spoke of many things to trigger the pain herself. She desired to stay there! A person who truly wants help gets help. I’m not just talking about the prescribed medication they give; which, by the way, I didn’t get. I didn’t want them. For me, talking with trusted family and God is what has helped me handle the depression. I’m referring to those who seek counsel along with, possible, medication.

Yesterday’s SPEAK message was just that ….. SPEAK!!! If you are one of those bleeders in addition to not wanting help …. rude awakening …. you are forcing others to not be around you. You’re becoming a headache! STOP THAT!!! Eventually, people will began to keep you at bay. Oh, they will talk to you but rarely. They may even come around but far and in between.

Thanks kindly for your indulgence! Please, give a thumbs up if you agree. If you don’t agree … Please, by all means, tell me why. What is your solution? Feedback is always welcomed!

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