Emotional Pain, Addiction: SPEAK!


This epidemic of drug use to cover our pain is astonishing and that’s putting it lightly! Upon Monday’s blog I came across Austin Eubanks speech. He was, too, a victim who survived the shooting at Columbine High School. He said he played dead while lying in a pool of blood that was his and his best friend’s who did not make it.

There are many things that can be discussed about shootings, bullying, etc., yet, I’d like to address that inner pain. The pain that is without sound. It leaves me to wonder … what causes us to stop being audible and turn to, such things as, drugs, sex, violence, suicide, etc.? Why don’t we speak our truth? Do we feel/believe we are unworthy? That the inner pain we’re feeling will just pass on its own with no need of counsel; if we keep silent it will just go away?

Do we become naive to it? What in the world is going on that we take away our own voice?

Have you ever dealt with that person who bleeds …. constantly?! I’ve talked about this before. This person’s bleed is that of constant bringing up the pain but with no willingness to be healed from it. Everyone has a right to voice their pain! EVERYONE! If someone tried to shut you up … SHUT THEM UP!!! It is just advised to not bleed on people. Don’t make your pain your being, your importance … your life!

This voice in the pit of your very soul is screaming to be heard. It can’t take anymore. I would be honored to be your eyes and/or! Yes, you’re eyes and/or ear! It’s what you need! It’s not about judgment. It’s about someone taking the time to be able to talk! Speak! Heal from what has been hurting for, God knows, how long!

There’s a show called Iyanla: Fix My Life. She’s a life coach who guide people through their pain. She recently showed an episode where 5 children were abused emotionally and physically. 4 out of the 5 were put in foster care while one lived with the grandmother. The 4 suffered having to render sex on each other just to eat! They were beaten with pots, pans. One used to get hit with a crock pot; he now suffers epileptic seizures. The eldest son used to be taken into the basement, beaten until he agreed to do oral sex on his siblings … all just to have a decent meal! Wow!!!!!

The 4 were jealous of the one who got the chance to live with the grandmother; they felt she got the chance to escape the ineffable. Unfortunately, the story came out that she, too was sexually abused! This family is that of 3 boys and 2 girls. Their Mother was a crack addict. She, later, wanted to go before Iyanla so that she could build a relationship with her children. Her story wound up being similar to her children’s. What a tragic story!

So, here we are again! In dire need of a voice!

Image result for someone trying to take away my voice

As I searched for depictions Mr. Trump (yes, respectfully Mr.) popped up. Why was I shocked? I guess, in a way, he is trying to take away people’s voice. Is taking away a person’s choice the same? Sorry, I’m not trying to be funny or play as though I’m naive. It’s truly a question. Hmmm, I guess taking away a person’s right to choose is taking away their voice. My Mom was talking about him a couple of days ago. She was upset because gas prices have skyrocketed. It was nice to see the prices go down. Like a “Whew” moment (lol), but here we are again — paying $85 a gallon (LMBO). I know it’s exaggerated, yet you all know me when it comes to certain topics. Exaggeration and Mr. Trump go hand and hand like an animal to its dung.

I hope to be an encouragement to you, again, reflecting a light of God, perspective and hope! This, hopefully, encourages you to speak your pain ….

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