Amber Alerts: A Silent Prayer

Amber Hagerman

The Amber Alert first started back in 1996 when a little girl, 9 years old, was abducted in Arlington, Texas. Unfortunately, two days later, she was found with multiple cut wounds to the neck. AMBER acronym is America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response, but was derived from the little girl whose name was Amber Hagerman.

I am writing about this because, I’m sure as I did, you received an alert over the weekend to look out for a red Hyundai Elantra with CA license plate: 5SKT544. It rang off and on all weekend! But … it finally stopped!

For the first time, Sunday morning, I found myself looking for a color, car model and license plate number. It’s amazing that, across the US, we all receive these alerts to be of help to police. No, I may not be in the area but … for whatever reason, I decided to look. I’m not sure what got to me this time, but I found myself looking … just in case.

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The little boy John Weir … RIP

Were you (or are you) like me and just pushed the button to make the cell phone shut up? Did you ignore it and continue about your day? Did you figure you wouldn’t be of service anyway so “no big deal?” Hmmm, I don’t think I thought “I didn’t care,” but I think my actions did! When I was on the freeway I just started looking. I don’t really pay attention to people’s license plate. Every once in a while it will catch my attention because there would be some catchy name, otherwise, I really don’t pay attention. My favorite color is purple so I pay a great deal of attention to purple vehicles. A hard truth is …. “Wow, I’m truly sorry!”

I realize I can’t carry this guilt forever. I have to take this awareness I have and keep going. To become more involved. Not be so quick to quiet my phone but to look; say a prayer … be active. No, as stated earlier, the alert may not even be in your area but a prayer for that situation goes along way. We are the United States of America. Perhaps, we need to be what our country supposedly stands for: UNIFIED!

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