KATch-UP Mondays: “B……g”

But … I’m just like you

This word has such a powerful scary connotation. It has become, almost, taboo in a way; only in the sense because, actually, it is powerful and scary! It’s being done so much that many are speaking out about it. I’m talking about … BULLYING!

Do you see it? Have you ever experienced it? Scary … powerful … have you done it?! If you have don’t fret. If you’ve been a victim to it you’re in the same boat. This is a controversial statement, but that’s the point. Those who are advocating against are saying we need to pay more attention to it and not just talk about it. We need to take an avid approach and address it in action!

The statement of the victim and culprit being one in the same stems from the idea of insecurity. It is found that most who bully, bully because they are intimidated some type of way. In trying to find out how to be “noticed” they act out in drastic ways: harassment, violence, shooting, fighting, etc. The victim responds to it due to the bully speaking to something in them and/or someone taking their voice! Victimization is the result of someone taking your power!

This topic is quite sensitive for me; have various stories about this subject! It came to me on Saturday evening to address it. It dawned on me the similarities the culprit and victim had. It leaves the question to what’s going on in the home? …. controversy all over again …

What’s going on in the home? I watched a mother give a speech about her child who perished in the shooting of 1999. It was the Columbine school shooting! What a dreadful day it was. This mother … is Sue Klebold the mother of shooter Dylan Klebold! It was a powerful speech! She said she thought she knew her son Dylan but, apparently, didn’t. She went back in her head over and over trying to figure out what lead he and Eric to afflict themselves and their classmates; changing lives forever!

But … I am ???

I, in no way, am giving a shooter the way out as though nothing should be done. I, in no way, am not taking away the horrific thoughts and feelings of the victims who suffer this time and time again. One of my stories is from a young lady who’s like a sister to me. We’ve known each other over 20 years. She has a son and he’s been bullied. You see, I’m really close to him. He’s my homey. My dude! I was there when he was born. I’ve been there ever since. My goddaughter … wow!!! ….

So, what can we do to become more vocal about this? Gun violence is tied to this someone way. If I do catch something on yahoo news … reports always give exerts on the person’s background and they’re not good.

I want to know your thoughts. Please, share your story rather or not you are! Be bold ESPECIALLY if you’ve bullied. Why? Not for criticism. You see, you arrived there for a reason. If someone were to do to you what you’ve done to others they’re no better. You have the right to speak. The problem has been that no one has heard you! Speak your TRUTH!!!

Here’s the link to one of Sue’s speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXlnrFpCu0c

While doing some research I just discovered that one of the victim’s (Ann Marie Hochhalter) mother (Carla June Hochhalter) killed herself nearly 6 months after her daughter was shot. She went into a … (naaah) you this is a must read … https://extras.denverpost.com/news/shot1023.htm

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