Can You Read This?

Since I was a little girl my Mom used to play word type strategy games with us. I’m not sure where she got this one (or if she invented it herself) but she would give us a word like: REPRESENTATIVE and we would have to see how many words we could get out of them!

It was the funnest thing for me. I had to compete with all of them and I’m the youngest (lol). It is one of the things we used to play as a family. I became awesome at it. Yelp! So to the point where I no longer would do two letter words; only three and above. How many can you find?

This is still avid today. I find myself playing strategy games; constantly! This lead to searching for more things to challenge my mind. Can you read this depiction below? …

funny quotes and sayings | Funny Pictures Quotes Jokes Photos Images Pics - funny sister sayings ...

If you could without having to write it out … that’s pretty cool. It’s challenges, such as these (in addition to writing, blogging, reading, etc.) that will keep our mind sharp!

Hmmm, I’d love for you to challenge me with the “how many words can you get out of the word” game. Please, throw a word out there and let’s play together! — no cheating of course. I’m even willing to be online so we can do it LIVE. Who’s up for it?

Here’s a game to try out called Lexathon! This game is ridiculously hard.

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