Hate At Its Finest

Progressive! Liberty Mutual! Sling TV! ASPCA PETA! You’ve seen them all and then some. Commercials that bring out the worst in you. Yelp. Commercials. I get they help sponsor and fray costs programs and it is a good marketing tool for themselves to get their product out there. But … OMGosh! Have these commercials lost their mind?! Especially when they are shown 50 times doing a 30 minute program!

Not that it doesn’t happen but c’mon

Before addressing the insurance commercials let me address the one with animals. ASPCA PETA! First, I don’t hate animals, yet, this commercial brings out the worst. Some of you may think what’s wrong with the compassion shown to these abandoned lovable creatures? Nothing until you realize the angle of those filming it. Think about it. Can animals show sadness? Yes. Yet, don’t you think they stretch it a tad bit far? Do you feel the same way about that roach or ant you stepped on? The disdain of this commercial is the dreary music playing in the background and its length. It doesn’t take all this. The music is to grab your heart-strings to pull you in to either sponsor and/or adopt. Nope! Not gonna work. This advertisement is about 30 minutes long. LMBO (laughing my butt off). Okay, that’s a bit extreme, but that’s how long it feels when it comes on.

Can’t believe I used this picture But it paints the picture of annoyance

INSURANCE commercials – UNFREAKINGBELIEVABLE (a word I created years ago)!! These commercials … you just shake your head back and forth till dizzy. Dripping with complete contempt on the heart-strings felt every time they come on. I’ve never once liked the Progressive commercial. I hate it every time it appears. When Liberty Mutual first came on as a counter gratefulness filled the air. And then it happened. Liberty Mutual became adjacent to Progressive. Like, “What the piss is wrong with these folks doing these commercials?”

Sling TV! Okay, why in the H E .. double L would they use something so inane to describe WATCHING TV for a network?! You don’t need it. You just don’t need it. People …. YOU JUST DON’T NEED IT!!!!!!

Sorry! I’ve been thinking about this for a loooooooooooooooooong time! I imagine you can tell lol. What are some of the TV shows and/or commercials you can’t stand? They have a sight where you can write a complaint. I’m not sure how effect it is, however, if you noticed … they don’t show Flo much on Progressive. And, I must add, it is not hate for any of those in the commercials. They’re just doing their job. If they don’t work they can’t eat. Live! It’s all in the concept! They do a horrible, horrible job in creativity!

Here’s a site (https://www.complaintsboard.com/bysubcategory/annoying-commercials.html ) I found cause I, too, wanted to make a complaint. I’m not sure how far it goes, but one can only hope that those behind the scene individuals who are the writers will take a good hard look that their picture SUCKS.

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