Are You a Blogger, Truly? What Matters?

Fellow Bloggers are you truly a blogger? What is blogging in the first place? I’ve gathered, since day one, that it is a way to talk about whatever, put it in writing and present it on a site like Word Press. The only confusing frustration I bear … am I actually a blogger?

So, like you, I’ve read other blogs. I’ve applied ideas. I’ve tried to create catchy titles, content and use depictions with “lots” of color. Yeah, not sure if that has helped but have tried it because … hey … these blog tips were from those who have thousands upon thousands subscribed to their blog. Maybe my ONE (reader) is considered a failure. I’ve thanked you ONE because I’m happy to have one. But am I?

I started thinking, “Katherine, you’re not a blogger because your frequency is not enough. You only blog 5 days out of the week. You suck big time!” “Maybe you didn’t fully comprehend the tips that were given to awaken what you have to say.” “You see others piling their blog page day in and out. How come you’re not doing the same?”

Ha! “What I have to say.” An interesting take isn’t it? Supposedly, as stated earlier, blogging is a method to talk about something through writing but, perhaps, I really don’t have anything to talk about. Just maybe I don’t have the ability to write. Maybe I decided to blog because I enjoyed freelance writing. I didn’t do that everyday either. So, it begs to question … “Why am I here?”

Hmmm, a truth … I’m thankful for my ONE, yet … is it possible to reach more?

I think I mentioned this before but my niece encouraged me to blog and told me about Word Press. She said it would help break me out of my shell. Again, I enjoy freelance writing from time time, but I am pretty much to myself when it comes to life in general. I know how to socialize; I work, etc., however, I tend to isolate. An introvert I guess. I am here to expand … ME!

I will repost: “Hey, I’m WRITE Hear;” it speaks to my being an introvert, disappointments, and how I’ve felt most of my life.

What matters to you? Why are you a blogger? Is it only to write, share ideas that you’re having? What is your take on blog life?

Thanks! I appreciate that you read this blog and would really like to learn why you blog.

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