Bloggers, Reread Seeds 2 Feed

Good morning fellow Bloggers! How are you doing this wonderful morning? Do you find this kind of funny? I’m addressing you as though it’s some type of informal letter. Well, in a sense, it is. We have decided to greet each other through posts. You speak (inform, entertain, etc.) to me and I you.


I was rereading some pasts writes which inspired “Bloggers, Reread Seeds 2 Feed.” What this means — we should sometimes reread seeds (information, encouragements, etc.) we’ve written, posted, depicted, etc., and remind our fellow blogger family!

Have you ever felt admonished to repeat something you’ve posted but felt it would cost you because it’s a blog? What would it take to remove that guilt? Do you realize that even our “professional” bloggers are repeating themselves? There are only so many tips they have to help us. The cleverness is in presentation!

I present to you a seed of hope …

This inspired write was created because of a young lady diagnosed with brain cancer. She has a child around (I believe) 12 years old. She posted on Face Book that the doctors had given her 3 to 6 months to live. She sought prayer. It was clear that she had many concerns because she quite young and she didn’t want to leave her daughter behind. I know this young lady and her daughter, and, thus was born …

Perchance you have a loved one or know of someone who is in need of more than encouragement but an actual touch from the One who still performs miracles. I pray this be what God intends in whatever its behalf!

By the way … grateful to report the young lady went back to the doctor for her checkup. She was given a clean bill of health! This was over a year ago! Blessed be the name of the Lord!!

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