Hmmm, “What To Call It?”

Just 4 You

Good morning! I’d love to speak to the soul of your person. I’d love to reach out to those who are searching for contentment beyond a spouse, job, children and career. Jealousy mounts when you look into the eyes (or view from afar) people who are happy; or, at least, appear to be. This priceless gift … none can compare! There’s only a few who recognize the preciousness of its value, and I offer it to you in hopes that you will receive it with an open mind and heart in love!

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Kahlil Gibran

Have you ever experienced one disappointment after another and wondered would it ever come to an end? What is that feeling and/or thought when you realize that disappointment is the gift that keeps on giving? Do you drift into an abyss of depression? Do you try to imagine a better life? Do you do everything under the sun to try to make that euphoric moment a reality? The Children of Israel who wandered the wilderness for 40 years felt this. I know that feeling, quite well actually, of desperate yearning for it to come to its end.

My wilderness experience has lasted so long that I, finally, figured out what to call it. It’s called …”Got Thought; Got Life.” That may seem morbid to you but for those of us who find our tomorrow’s repeat is the dreary of today’s defeat … it’s something you can’t just … let go!

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The Character of My Expression is in Thought

Thought is a source passed down through generations which started what we know as Life! One day (as we understand with time though God is eternal) He THOUGHT to create US! Although a blind person cannot see or a lame person cannot walk they still possess the ability to think. How can something so simple be taken for granted? Thinking is second nature to us. I was out driving my car one day and recalled there was a time I didn’t know how to drive. It has become like thinking … I just do it. This may seem too simple or even useless to you, but one thing I’ve come to understand, especially since I’ve experienced a lot of disappointments, is that I “Got Thought; Got Life” and no one can take this away from me! I have an expression that is uniquely … ME!

My envy, and I speak to the hearts of those in my circle, is I have imagined to be in a different place mentally for many years. Disappointments, literally, strip your everyday! But imagination is not enough. I need something tangible. We all do! And finally … we have it! We have achieved it and, hopefully, it has changed your outlook in the overall scheme of things. Let this indescribable calm be your steer! It truly is a gift!

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Look not to suicide! Don’t try to live in euphoria ~ it doesn’t exist! Push yourself to realize your expression matters! Thank you for allowing me to care about you and be a beacon in your life! To this I declare to you from God Himself …

Remember the blog of “Inevitability.” Know that God has your life in His hand rather you can understand it or not. It may be grim in your everyday but look forward to what lies ahead — yesterday is forever gone and tomorrow will remind you of the guarantee He (God our Father – Dad) has your life in His hand. He created you to be uniquely you the gift of — “Got Thought; Got Life!”

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