KATch-UP Mondays: Fools Rush In

Good morning ladies and gents! I bring good tidings to you. Drudgery feels the air day in and out of our lives that, sometimes, we just need a pick me up. Did you catch what I did? I used the word “feels” instead of “fills.” This important notation is caused by the redundancy of our everyday. Again, I’m not a news watcher but catch it from time to time. Quite difficult to not watch when it’s on at home, gym, mechanic’s. It’s the news! A source used to inform us on what’s going on in our town, state … world.

The tragedy of hurricane Dorian is devastating just as the mass shooting that took place, again, in Texas. Readers, bloggers … these cases are dire for us to know, if nothing else, to send out a silent prayer for all who are being effected; directly or indirectly. I guess in a nutshell I wish that sometimes the news would show positive things going on in the world. If this source is to inform us of the tragedies, can’t the same source inform us of the glories?

Daily, I do a devotional from the Bible. I use the You Version Bible app to keep me on track. What I mean is they have a variety of plans to encourage you to read. Themes such as: love, children, doubt, anger, lust, etc. It’s a helpful tool when you’re in search of answers and your SOURCE is God!

In my devotional last Tuesday (Sept 3) I had finished day 25 in my plan {I’m reading about the Old Testament major prophets and it’s 60 days long — I tend to read ahead because the stories become intriguing lol}. As I was closing out for the morning I noticed the Verse of the Day stating “A fool hath no delight in understanding, but that his heart may discover itself.” (Proverbs 18:2). Now, that’s funny right there!!

Can you believe I’m using this picture in my blog?

“A fool has NO delight in understanding …” The funny thing about this is … okay, for me, the president. ‘Fools Rush In’ clearly means stupid people who often do or say things without thinking enough about them. I know other people like him, but must use someone you know. How can you say, or tweet in his case, a tree is not a tree but the sun which shines a light upon the earth? What the heck?! LOL! Where is his understanding? Does he know anything? OMG lol. I understand that fools {a person who acts unwisely or imprudently; a silly person} don’t get it but become lost when it’s something simple as I drive a car not a house lol.

I know you’ve met and dealt with fools. You’ve scratched your head. You’ve gotten frustrated at their lack of getting something you’ve repeated 10 times over. You’ve walked away. You’ve looked at them in astonishment thinking, “He/she can’t be this dense!” (lol). But … sigh aloud …. they’re everywhere! (LMBO)

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