Blog Fridays: Organic vs Non Organic

So, a few Sundays back I was told that I needed to switch to an all organic diet to help my physical body. It was said that it would help me sleep at night. What the person didn’t know was that I had already begun to switch certain foods to organic but didn’t think of it as a means to getting actual sleep (cause sleep and I haven’t been joining together in holy matrimony lol) nor it aiding my actual health.

I know there are many notions out there about organic foods. Some positives and negatives. Organic refers to the process of how certain foods are produced. They have been grown or famed without artificial chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, or genetically modified organisms. Organic grown crops tend to be naturally fertilized with such products as manure.

Okay! Gotta sidebar for a second. It is absolutely amazing of how manure is used to fertilize the crop. We actually live in a world where all events has happened already. Can you imagine that your tomorrow has already been experienced by someone else years ago male or female? Surly, they probably responded to the event(s) differently but the fact that it’s been done already is fascinating. As Ecclesiastes 1:9 (NIV – New International Version) states “What has been will be again …” which simply means we’re not doing anything new. I know some may think that technology proves otherwise, however, this isn’t true. Once the Edison discovered how to put that stream of electricity in what we, still, use today as the light bulb, technology would be nothing. What has happen throughout history is imaginative intellectuals being able to improve on what has ALREADY been done!

I digress …

I decided to share with the “organic” change with some people to see what they thought. One of those people, of course, was my Dad. He had an interesting take. His take is that first off the person should pay for me to switch to organic since it’s so expensive (he is something else yawl lol). And, organic is based on the individuals who grow (produce) food. He used to work for a season’s company {if you use seasons/or spices such as spaghetti, taco, garlic, etc., mix he likely was a part of the reason why you purchased this dry good}. He said that they used organic products for their seasoning, however, it isn’t like other companies. It will depend on the individuals!

Is he correct? Is this the general consensus for those who are handling our food that we buy? I am curious. Please, what’s your take?

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