Hey there! Has it ever crossed your mind that death isn’t the only thing inevitable? I’ve been thinking about inevitability off and on for several years now. I’m not deranged (lol). My mind just tends to think about it ever so often. Inevitability means it is certain to happen; unavoidable. Is death the only thing? Here is some research I’ve done:

Deepak Mehta (दीपक मेहता)

Deepak Mehta (दीपक मेहता), 28 years on the planet, few experiences to shareAnswered Jun 23, 2014 · Author has 3.6k answers and 79.5m answer views

There are many “inevitables” in life and they always come as a pair of positive and negative.

(Positive – Negative)

  1. Life – Death
  2. Love – Heartbreak
  3. The joy of a newborn – Loss of a loved one
  4. Success – Failure
  5. Meeting new people (and future best friends) – Drifting away from old friends
  6. Marriage – Divorce (if not yours, then of someone you know)
  7. Weekends – Weekdays
  8. Friendship – Bitterness
  9. Science – Religion
  10. Fitness – Ailment

Do you agree with this list Deepak Mehta came up with? I guess if you look at there being opposites this list makes perfect sense. We have opposites but are they, necessarily, inevitables?

Please, drop me a line and tell me what you think. It’s a difficult wonder but take note … we cannot escape the inevitable!

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