A Writer’s Repetition

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We are the most creative limited human beings ever! That is a strong statement, yet, the oxymoron fits! As much as we come up with ideas to expound upon we still wound up covering the same thing. We dress it up to make it appear prettier but, somehow, it still equals the same. You know what, be okay with this fact!

I have been enjoying many of the blogs on here. The insight from how to blog, to favorite books, to worldly news, to relational advise. The creative part comes from the person’s stance. Somewhere in there we will agree or disagree alike but how we convey it is what makes the difference. It’s pretty amazing that we are billions upon billions of individuals having the same thought at one time or another but reaching that conclusion is always different.

The blogger helpers, for instance, are the best. I seen the blog where you can create a business by blogging. Now, how cool is that? If you enjoy writing, which is gathered that each of us loves it and can get paid doing something we love, that is too cool. And too those bloggers who delve into those helpful tips to get notice — I don’t blame you. You want readers. Who doesn’t? It’s the whole point of doing a blog.

Ah-ha! Doing a blog!! Let’s broaden the writer’s repetition and expand it to writing for personal use like in a diary. That writing is not about having a reader and/or seeking approval. It’s about pouring deep seeded thoughts that you “feel” safe to share within the confines of a “secret place.” And, if there is a sought in approval, it’s for acceptance of self. We were created to connect. Connection with self goes a long way, especially in writing. I remember Cristan stating that we have to flush out the idea before we blog about it; he then goes on to further explain how to make our blogs more interesting. Flushing out an idea is seeing, fully, why you want to write about it. Whatever has impressed you to move forward is the connection needed to self and the idea.

So, if you’re like me out there and you find yourself running into yourself (ALL OF YOU WHO DON’T WANT TO ADMIT IT … ADMIT IT RIGHT NOW lol) you will be okay! There’s nothing new under the sun. Every idea has been thought of expressed in songs, poetry, blogging, books, etc. Be and stay encourage that you are unique and the value of your angle is just as important as anyone else!

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