Venting #4

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Day 4 in venting has to present a vent! So, I’ve been venting for the pass few weeks to God … okay, allow me to pause right here to interject something valuable. I rarely vent to people. I don’t know. I’ve believed (felt) like it’s like bleeding on another person. Don’t get me wrong I have vented to people I trust before but my list of people is very small. I don’t have many people that I trust to spill parts of my guts out. Talking to God is easy. It helps that He knows everything. Thankfully, that’s not held against me. Though He knows what I’m facing in the moment He doesn’t reply by saying, “I already know just move passed it,” without no compassion. That would make for a senseless God and He’s just not the one!

Are you freaking kidding me! This is crazy!

Okay! Back to the vent. So, lately, I’ve been telling the Lord that I’ve had a really hard time of Him pointing out my behavior versus “fixing” the problem. What I mean is there are times I screw up big time. There are times it’s not that severe. And then there are those times that I haven’t done anything wrong. As it said in day 1, I take full responsibility for my actions. Being accountable helps keep me grounded. I remain sober (truth) to ensure I remain respectful. This particular vent is tell me rather or not something will be. I’m in the midst of an issue {seemingly to have lasted for over 10 thousand years — lol} and His response was, “Be patient!” Like, “Really, Lord! That’s what I get?” I’ve been patient for a long time and to have to continue being patient (different context because a different individual) … that’s a pain in the butt.

Do I get that this individual is not from the past hurts I’ve suffered? Absolutely. Yet, I also understand that I’ve had to do the “patience” role for a long time. When do I get mine? Yes, I said it! When do I get mine? It’s a fair question. It’s a fair vent!! I hear on a constant basis to consider others. I tell God, all the time now, that I am others, too! Like Wow!

Tomorrow is another day. Day 5 to be exact. Let me know what you’ve been thinking concerning this process of thought! Is it true for you? Are you willing to admit it? Do you believe it’s just empty complaints? Please, I’d love to know!

2 thoughts on “Venting #4

  1. I understand your frustration. I found myself starting to complain but then caught myself. I have to remember even in my difficulties to embrace God’s Sovereignty, understanding my place and role. My son is twenty years old, but just like I wouldn’t allow him to get in my face and question my authority neither can I do that to God. There is order, being a Servant of Christ, I have to submit to His Kingship.

    There are times I’ve said in my spirit, “Lord what about me?” Scripture teaches that God’s sovereign choice is made according to who He is. Though we may not understand because God says His ways or not our ways, His thoughts are not our thoughts (Isaiah 55:8).

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