Suicidal Breaking Point

When this theme comes to mind the gather is the victim came face to face with a breaking point. No other option, but leaving the pain of it all, presented itself. Sadly, my assumption is counsel wasn’t enough. I’ve heard loved ones usually didn’t see any signs of the sort. Careful watch wasn’t “careful enough.” I think it’s important to examine the “just because I can I should” opinion.

Yesterday’s blog, “Finding Your Purpose,” was about discovering, in essence, who you are and where you’re headed. Those steps were: hearing the truth, pay attention and honing the skill. Even now, the truth is the foundation to all else. When we are searching for whatever it is (you must qualify the search) we, first, must see and understand what’s at stake. If an individual decides there foundation will be based on 1+1 is 7 then everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, else is going to fail. I’m sure this is up for question because, as stated yesterday, a person can find “success” in doing what they want and/or assume. Which leads me to the next point.

Several people come to mind. Let’s use Britney Spears, Robin Williams and Donald Trump. Here are three classic cases of people who have reached their “breaking point.” Recently, it was said that Ms. Spears has, again, fallen into turmoil. I know … everyone suffers something in their life rather in front or behind the scene. However, those who can take the ridicule (or the subjected pressure stardom has) handles such pressures differently. Look at Oprah Winfrey. She has faced many ups and downs throughout her career, however, she was groomed to handle what would come being in the lamp light. Clearly Ms. Spears wasn’t. Perchance, the notion is if you start at an early age you will develop the ability to handle what goes on but she proves this isn’t true.

Robin Williams. On August 11 it became 5 years since he took his life. Wow! It’s hard to believe how time flies. It’s still a shock that he’s gone. I think, for me and may others, the reason difficulty still remains is because how he died. When he hung himself it left a lingering dissonance. Why would a comedian take his life? True, he had difficulty, but we heard his story of how he used comedy to deal with those dark places. It’s apparent that comedy wasn’t enough. Yes, I know about the pills, but taking pills are a result of something mentally/emotionally being wrong. We try to find areas to deaden the issues that seem too strenuous. Mr. Williams is an example because, honestly, I believe he was a gifted comedian, yet, the truth (foundation) of what was going on wasn’t being dealt with. Comedy was an escape. And though he slammed dunked it he left out one of the essentials — pay attention! You can’t escape!

“Just because I can doesn’t mean I should” bears record and, personally, Mr. Trump is self explanatory. He sees his role as a game just like everything else he’s been involved in. So, onward we go. A purpose is the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. Take me in yesterday’s example. I can sing a crackling note or two. Does this mean I should be on stage like a Whitney Houston? Honestly, I’m not sure! I started teaching myself piano at around 9 and singing came as a result of singing with different albums — driving my family up the wall (lol). I shy away from “center-stage” because I’m a to myself type of person, however, I have also done vocal coaching; done plays and have been over music departments in several churches. This is where that truth has to speak loud and clear. I didn’t say it yesterday but, interject, God speaking (that small voice/truth) makes an enormous difference.

He (God) told me in 2008 that music was a door. It has afforded me different things and I’m quite grateful. I’m still learning! Those 3 steps will cost you something, but in the end … I’d rather for us to not break concluding literal suicide but come to grips that we truly have a purpose which will bring light and cannot be hid no matter what! Let this truth resound: everyone has the capability to kill, does it mean we should?

Tell me what you think! I’d love to hear your take!

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