Blog Fridays: If At “16th” You Don’t Succeed, Try Again!

Exhausted?! Anguished?! “Out on a limb” has broken. It’s no wonder we don’t throw in the towel before we reach these stages. Hmmm, just think … why do we get to these stages when we can just stop before they occur? The likelihood is that the middle hasn’t unveiled enough information to give up. When we’re in the middle two options still remain. Sink or swim. I believe this is why we press through to see what the outcome will be. Is there such a thing as quitting before reaching the finish line? Of course, there is. Faith is a pain in the butt.

After dealing with a few monotonous situations for the past 980 years, I’m pretty darn tired. I know you are bewildered. LAUGH OUT LOUD for real! I’m not even close to that age. It is my outlandish exaggeration to make the point of how exhausting this journey has been — I’ve been dealing for a long, long, long, long, long time! Frustration? Fatigue? Heck, seems like these type of emotions are my life partners. We’ve been companions for many years. They’ve kept me company. Oh, I’ve begged for them to go away. No, more like pleaded with them to leave me alone, but they seem to have latched on me more (lol).

So, for those of you out there who just need a line of encouragement … PERSEVERE! It’s a choice worth making. When you look back you will realize that you made it and faith helped along the way!

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