Wounded For … Praise?

Please, do not hestitate to help me on this riddle. Its classification stems from (constant) understanding all of us are individuals. We see things differently. What is “right” in someone’s eyes may not be okay in another’s.

My car is on fire! Woohoo!

The scenario is: a person loses a loved one in a tragic accident. Should social media be used to “glamorize” a situation for fame? OUCH! It is said, from many, that the news, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., are used to “glorify” situations that should be kept private. Clearly by my response (OUCH!) it is hard to imagine using any social media to display something so personal. Isn’t that a time to hide away to deal with the pain in just losing that loved one?

I’m unsure if this applies, but … can someone tell me why those who commit, or about to commit, suicide do a letter and/or video? Is it to answer the question to the why? Is it leave a “peace offering” for those left behind? What is the actual point?! Again, in my head, reading or viewing a video on my loved one who takes his/her life is not going to “heal my wounds” of sorrow. Yes, it may explain why it was done, however, the devastation exists. It won’t go away like any other tragedy when someone passes. It will linger until the proper time is allotted. And, even then, that love one is never going to return. How do I, or anyone in such cases, supposed to rectify this?

Sooooo confused

Painfully I have a true story. I will keep all parties private — sidebar … I choose to keep their life private though they got on social media to talk about it. Wow, huh?! — Anywho, a person just recently lost their spouse. They tell this story on social media in how they found out. It sounds like there were some discrepancies far as dealing with police and such. On one hand I understood that they, likely, wanted to express a wrong for the area and their policemen; to inform others of injustice and to be on guard. Seems self-explanatory from this standpoint. The “confusing” glitch is the same person (understandably) wasn’t taking phone calls. The situation, obviously, is overwhelming and you’re trying to handle it the best you can. I get that! For real. That is pretty clear. Yet … did I miss something in translation? It’s best to tell the story or express emotions on a worldwide site than to just speak to those closest to you?

Last year my grandmother passed. A year is vastly approaching. I watched my Mom and her siblings go through the process when grams first passed. In fact, my Mom tucked away. She received many phone calls and text messages. She was only able to handle a few. She had (as I’m pretty sure my aunts, uncles, and cousins did) an out pour of love and support! I was so grateful to those who wanted to love on her. But, I must admit, I became very protective of her. There has to be that space! The person who just lost that loved one has to have time to wrap their minds around the events. I notice when stars pass away they request privacy. It’s respectful. A spokesperson shares the family’s gratitude for the love shown then time is desired!

I’m at a loss. Please, I would really appreciate your input on this matter. What are you thoughts!

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