Who’s Next? Yesterday Answered …

El Paso, Texas aftermath

El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio! — This promises to be a short blog because I am in utter shock that yesterday’s post had just talked about mass shootings in our country. The effect it was having overall. Gilory, CA had just suffered this not long ago and days later we are faced to see it happen back to back; these horrendous acts of violence. Ladies and gentlemen, I actually watched yesterday’s news when our President would speak about the shootings taking place. When he mentioned the mental health issue I could understand, however, the news casters had a great point. You cannot, outright, pinpoint it being mental without proper diagnoses. I, also, understood his view, and even now it makes sense, because for a person to choose to take lives in such a magnitude would suggest they are demented!

He (he bears no name in my blog which is a part of the problem in glamorizing those who commit these heinous crimes) actually killed his own sister!! Wow! Not that she shouldn’t have suffered anything because the notion is you’d protect your family, but, evidently, he didn’t care. I’m quite close to my brothers. I mention them quite a bit. To think, even fathom, them being so outraged with me that they would take my life … it is a little unbelievable. I guess that’s the point when a person sets out to take a life. It doesn’t matter who’s in the crossfire.

Victim Lois Oglesby, 27, has been described as a ‘wonderful mother’
Dayton, Ohio victim Lois Oglesby mother of two

This beautiful young lady, clearly, just had her baby. It just leaves you speechless. Well, maybe it’s just me that is left without words. If you read yesterday’s post I talked about the end times. Just think, gun control may take place and, prayerfully, it will. Yet, there’s this unfortunate nudge that something else will spark in its place. May God bless you and the people of the world!

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