KATch-UP Mondays: Gilroy CA Shooting. Who’s Next?

Speaking of the last post (gist title) “Meaning Losing Value in Negative Strings,” did you catch what happened in Gilroy California at their Garlic Festival? OMG!! Such violence in our world. There’s no way to live in a world of peace. No one or thing can tell me otherwise. I can see why the Bible speaks of the agony of bringing children into the world seeing as how things are becoming worse. Yes, I know the Word says there will be a string of events before Christ’s return. There are some horrendous times ahead. Anytime it comes up there are a few of us who declare, “I pray God takes me home because I don’t want to be here to see it.”

In Revelation’s 8th chapter speaks of the seven angels who will sound their trump bringing the last destruction’s to earth. I read the AMP (Amplified) translation for a vivid picture. Events such as: hail and fire storm mixed with blood will be hurled to earth and a third will be burned up; a great star (called Wormwood) burning like a torch will be hurled into the waters causing toxicity and many will die; four angels will be released to come and kill — that number equaling 200 million. Perhaps, you don’t believe in there being an end; maybe you don’t believe there was a beginning. But you have to admit our surroundings are proof of the ONLY God, Jehovah! If you don’t admit (accept) it now, you will later.

Image result for Gilroy CA shooting

It is frightening to witness the things that are happening. This post, as with all the area shootings that have taken place, is quite delicate. Gilroy residence likely thought (more like prayed) “I hope these type shootings will never happen in our city!” I know all of us are praying that prayer. So, if that is our prayer of concern then why does America get behind the foolishness of those who seek separation; violence or even slavery? A scary thought huh? I’ve inquired before, but must ask again, what can we do?!

I have several friends/acquaintances who are from other countries. Each express their joy in coming to our country. According to them, liberty seemed none existence compared to America. In Ghana, a couple of friends told me they felt America was the life because education and doctor visits were free, whereas, in Africa you couldn’t receive all that you needed for education and doctors wouldn’t see you unless you had the payment up front. That’s pretty sad. Looking at places like Gilroy Festival, Florida nightclub, Columbine High School, etc., really hits home.

A bold statement to realize … we take liberties for granted. These areas who have suffered the “unusual” type violence will never be the same. An afterthought will linger forever; more so for those who lost loved ones. Thoughts are beginning to enter and need to resound aloud … Who Is Next?

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