Blog Fridays: “Meaning Has No Value” Continued – Stringed

What a wonderful idea that came to me when doing my last blog. I’ve had this idea for the past couple of weeks putting a string of five quotes for a post. They represent encouragement; enlightenment and some type of intrigue. The idea that hit me during the “Meaning Has No Value” is to literally do the opposite of strings. Wow! What a thing to do. Hard to believe that there are people out there who don’t want to be an encouragement in a positive sense. The difficulty, even within that sentence is, those who “positively” encourage through negative energy thinks it’s the best thing ever. Scary huh?! Well, I’m not one of those people, but I’m actually going to try to see if I can find things that are discouraging. The challenge is not to use vulgar or racial demeaning anything that is absolutely uncalled for. I pray for those out there who believe violence is the way to go!

Discouragement ….

Deception ….


Displeasure ….

Image result for depress

These strings were harder than I thought. I guess that will be my next adventure …. think outside the box lol.

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