Meaning Has NO Value

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Read the “Five W’s Of Life” first!! The changed context would readWho you are is special! Change is only encouraged when you act like a jerk. What lies ahead will always be a mystery. Don’t be afraid to explore within your box. If you are a Math teacher it doesn’t, necessarily, mean you can be an accountant. When life pushes you over, you have to push back to not look like a wimp. Where there are choices to make, refer back to the What. Why things happen will never be certain. Take it in stride and move forward in reference to the What and When.

Trippy huh?! I attended a service recently and the speaker decided to change the context of the scripture. I guess the point the individual was trying to make was more important than to leave the verse alone! In changing the context it created a discomfort in me, but with the audience, they seemed to grasp it. Possibly because I was a visitor and they weren’t. For example (not the actual event) “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son …” means you give your tithes and offering to show your love for Christ. What the heck? So, Christ dying is equivalent to my giving my tithes and offering?! OMG! I shouldn’t have used that example because it has irritated me (lol). How does anyone equate something as valuable as a PERSON laying down His life to money? You just devalued the sacrifice. I talked with my brother about it and, after he finished laughing, he said issues will arise when you’re not accounting the fullness of your audience; there may be some visitors who know the story; even those who are new to the Word. I actually agreed. Though I’ve visited this church down through the years I was still a visitor and, I know what I know. Knowing your audience in all cases is crucial at all times. Side note … losing newbies is detrimental, especially, if they wound up never returning as a result. It is, therefore, considered blood on your hands! In other words, when we bring harm purposely to others there will be repercussions!

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When we speak as bloggers (whatever your titles might be) are we trying to change the context of structured value? We are “…. One nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.” I’m recalling there have been people wanting to take God and removing the spiritual “connotation” our country represents. But, if we remove God {or even an ounce of a spiritual presence} will we, then, become that country who becomes divided? Just think — context is the background, the connection; the ambiance to everything. Solitude is not the way to go!

President Eisenhower knew exactly what the allegiance needed …. meaningful context ….. GOD!

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