KATch-UP Mondays: Smoking vs Car Accident

What are the chances of finding this combination?

LOL! What in Banana’s name am I talking about? The two have no correlation to my knowledge. But if it does, please, someone send me the memo. That kind of information is important! I’m not doing the research, myself, because this is more about which one would I choose. My family and I went out of town to celebrate my Dad’s birthday. It was really breezy and cold in the area, but where we live … it’s like an oven. The air quality, from the warmth, made me winded. I could barely catch my breath because the air was so thin. I made sure I did my inhaler before we left. Once we arrived to our destination I still had to catch my breath since the air was cold but, like at home, I was able to manage. After being there for well over two hours my brother points out that we had not run into cigarette smoke. I gave glory to God for the “good” air quality that filled my lungs (lol). Not long after we ran into a man smoking. I felt like “daggone it.” After that, it seemed like every time I turned around someone was smoking.

I’m a work in progress! I say this because I have this thing of talking about the smoke out loud, and how secondhand smoke is really bad for people especially me since I have asthma, and I’m just a person trying to breathe. LOL. Yeah, I have a habit of letting it be known. They have a right to smoke, yet, I, ALSO, have the right to breathe without somebody causing my inhalation to be worse! While crossing the street I started this usual “rhetoric” out loud and my niece said, “Auntie Kat?!” LMBO! ………. I said I’m a work in progress. LOL

The theme. It is the result to a thought I had while crossing the street. I said to the fam, “I wonder if getting hit by a car (one was passing us by) is safer than breathing toxic cigarette smoke.” Then said, “I choose getting hit by a car ’cause, at least, it will put me out of my misery faster instead of being killed slowly by people whose leisure will kill me.” LOL! That is funny right there. Not sure you understand, but that’s how bad it truly is. As stated, they have the right to smoke. There is no law {save the measure of feet a smoker must have away from an entrance/exit} that they can’t smoke, however, I wish there was a law that could help the secondhand folk. I have often wondered about children whose parent’s smoke. They are forced, before adulthood, to endure. Their choice is taken from them. Why, then, do some parents/guardians get upset if they found out their child(ren) are smoking? We are their teachers. Do we have the right to feel this way?

Image result for car accident vs smoking
Your choice is OUR choice

Smokers and nonsmokers … is it fair? Is there a way to give on both ends? The only ones losing are the nonsmokers. Without biased, I believe this because smokers don’t realize the harm they TRULY cause! Even if you smoked away from us, you are our loved ones. Though cancer has many factors. It would suck to lose you because we all know smoke is a direct link. Tell me … is it worth it?

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