Blog Fridays: Social Media Presents — Blogging!

Social media is the place we use for platform. A way to share with people we know and don’t know how we’re feeling, thinking, informing, etc. A powerful tool to spread our message across the world in an instant with just a click of a button “publish.” That’s actually pretty neat. So, since this is my platform, I’ve decided to finally share my dirty laundry with everybody …

Image result for air out dirty laundry
See what’s the display?

Now, this feels great!! I had to get all of this off my chest. I was heavy laden with loaded pent up frustration. You know what it’s like. Life throws one curve ball after another. Sometimes we just gotta release and let the filth drop where they may. LOL

Image result for air out dirty laundry
Great advice for us all

Look at what I found as a result of “drying out the dirty laundry.” This is a fabulous notation. “The best sign of a healthy relationship is no sign of it …” You know what’s crazy, I used to think and wish I could talk about a personal relationship I was involved in. If we took some pictures together that we’d put it on some type of social media to “express our love.” Uuuh, I have been proven right. Keeping a low profile is the way to go. I’m already a private person and letting the “world” know of a personal relationship is a bit much. Why bring unnecessary attention to something that should be personal? Personal expression can be shared on a date. It’s called PDA (public display of affection). I’ve done it before and could careless about what our surroundings thought. I didn’t do it for attention. It happened because my eyes were fixed! Maybe we should reconsider the next time we want to put our lives in pictures/words on the social stage. True expression is shown in secret and rewarded openly. Don’t make him or her feel uncomfortable, especially if they’re not comfortable with it. Now, for those of you who don’t mind this cup of tea, heeeeey, by all means, do your thang!

Image result for air out dirty laundry
Hehehehehe … enough said

Last, but certainly not least … read the funny caption in the picture! This was a fun blog for me. I hope you enjoyed it as well. Again, laughter (considerable play on things) is good like medicine. Helping people, also, includes the ability to bring a smile!

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