IQ … Should We Believe?

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Nerve Wrecking?

Have you ever wondered what your IQ was? Have you ever taken a test to see what number you were and once you found out had some type of reaction to it? Did you agree or disagree? Why or why not? It’s amazing to go from preschool to 12th grade (possibly college if you were encouraged to do so) and still doubt where you fit in the world. Doubt. A very strong word to use. We doubt a lot of things but unwilling to admit we do.

Who wants to be told you’re dumb or imbecilic to figure out the basics? I know for sure I don’t. There is a misconception that writers are smart. I don’t think so. We face those grammar errors constantly. It’s like the screaming run-on sentence waits for a comma, semicolon and/or period. Creativity doesn’t make us smart. It makes us creative. I know, but there has to be some type of intellect to come up with these ideas to expound upon. And that thought would be correct, but what if a person’s desire to write doesn’t match the IQ of a writer? Meaning, he or she desires to write, have topics on top of topics and cannot formulate one sentence? It’s obvious that honing any craft takes practice as well as desire.

I wrote a blog that spoke about my comprehension. I suuuuucked (lol). I don’t have a problem admitting I had a struggle. Still do. It’s my truth, and I work on it all the time. Writing came as a result (well, blogging I should say) of trying to write poetry; though, I don’t like calling it poetry. Poetry makes my writing seem limited. That’s no put down to those who write poetry. It’s a beautiful talent. It’s warm and inviting. It takes a great amount of skill to be able to rhyme. That is given much due respect within itself! For me, I write in verse. In my book “A Mirror’s Reflection: Beyond the Veil” I wrote in verse. My readers told me they didn’t know they were going to read this type of writing but I pointed out it’s not really poetry. The book is about being a mirror that reflects. I reflect “Jealousy” so I wrote about it, but I also reflect “About Time” which talks about a man’s view of classless women.

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Speaks 4 Itself

Do I believe what I’ve learned about my IQ? Yes and no. I rated highly intelligent but didn’t do any further research to know what I’m intelligent in. Truthfully, it isn’t that important to me. I know people who place much on these studies. They live by it. Perhaps, knowing yourself is taking a good hard look in the mirror (of your mind) and allowing the truth to make you free!

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