Mirror’s Reflection Challenge: One Word

Is this true about you?

There are many words that come to mind when we think of describing ourselves. And there are many factors which come into play in doing so. Such as our children or spouse or our co-workers or even in being a boss. I imagine that we’d want people to see most or, at least, all of these characteristics, however, it’s impossible. So, what is the one word that stick out about you? That’s the challenge! As descriptions rush your mind I’ll try to simplify this task just a bit. Choose one word that you want people to see which, in addition, is your assumption that people see most about you.

One word! Hmmm, that sucks (lol). So, the one word I’d choose for myself is respectful! I think it covers a wide basis in what most see. Crazy! I actually have an argument against such a thought. I was working as a musician for a church who is internationally based. It’s predominantly Nigerians (I forget what distinct tribe). I put this because it is quite relevant to the overall look and argument. Well, one day the pastor’s daughter and I were sitting down chit chatting as we tended to do after services. This particular day was Family day and they had a potluck in the dining area. As we set her father called her over and, ultimately, scolded her about being disrespectful. The disrespect was centered around her talking to me instead of helping out. Now, it’s important to point out we did lent our services but everything was taken care of. The catch 20 to this is that, at that time, her parents felt like I was too much of an influence. She was making decisions on her own and they (mostly her Dad) didn’t feel she was mature enough, let alone, ready to make personal choices. Looking back, it’s kind of funny. The first college she attended was chosen by her father. She changed her major in the midway and he was hot! This wonderful beautiful woman not only got strait A’s but graduated with honors! She wasn’t the shell of a person her father wanted to be. She was blossoming and he didn’t want her too.

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My reflection of respect was a disrespect in their eyes! Why? Because, culturally, I didn’t measure up to the influence, they believed, she needed. Mind you, now, she’s getting ready to work on her Master’s. She’s ridiculously talented and intelligent. There was also a tradition of marrying early. Once again … disrespectful Ms. Katherine! Well, I told her she had too much to offer. The men at the church kept trying to get her to start dating and she just wasn’t ready. She has arrived to a point to want to be in a relationship, however, not at the brink of jeopardizing the other things she would like to achieve before she does. Respect isn’t the word she would use in description of me, yet, if she reads this blog she’d agree why I chose it!

So, in this finest hour what word best suits you? What does your mirror reflect DAILY? Or is this a haphazard sort of thing? If you are temperamental, don’t lie about it. Declare it! Accept it! Then work on it! Trust me, I still work on being respectful. Some may assume if that’s the word then you have conquered all, but that isn’t true. Read the past blogs: I have anger. I have insecurities — and people get to me when they trigger these areas. I’m a work in progress! And it’s okay that you are too!

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Food for thought

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