KATch-UP Mondays: Bias

Self explanatory?

Reaching crossroads is like a woman choosing a pair of shoes for an outfit — it will happen to all and the choice will, sometimes, become dreary. I’m wearing a black and white outfit but red pumps and accessories will bring it out. Actually, I don’t have this problem. I’m visualizing it right now and understand why some do this, but when I’m wearing certain combinations of colors my tendency is to wear the combination I have on. My accessories are between gold and silver. Yeah! I’m pretty simple in this area. But there are those times when I don’t know what I want to wear for Sunday morning service. A dress or skirt but with what blouse? Do I even have a pair of shoes that will go great with them? Daggit! What about slacks instead? Oh, it can be horrible. Men can concur, save you’re married (lol). My Mom tends to pick out the suit and color that my Dad is going to wear that day. I guess once you’re married a man “forgets” how to dress himself (LOL). Interesting of how the woman takes over because she has in her mind how her man should look.

Speaking of a wife choosing clothes, what about relationships? Boy! Boy! Boy! That can be a tough one right there. Will he be this? Can she be that? All the advice in the world won’t answer every nook and cranny a relationship will endure; each individual is different, and the combination of that pair won’t be the same as someone else’s. The only thing we have is there are the basics that are guaranteed. She will think like a woman and he will think like a man. Now, here in lies the bias

Image result for this relationship vs that relationship
The Big Picture

This bias is more about it seems “unfair” that our roles as male and female are the way they are. I have written about men see me as overbearing, unyielding, not feminine because I try to walk with integrity. I know that I was raised around a lot of men (my Dad, brothers and 2 older male cousins) so I DID had tomboy tendencies. However, I played with dolls a lot! I made up fantasy worlds cause that’s what we did as little girls. Look at what I just did. I tried to justify my behavior because people (men and women) tried stigmatizing me based on what they thought instead of what was and is. Integrity is neither male nor female. Indeed … my Dad took much time talking to me. It was like he had a feeling that I would grow up dealing with men who would try to control me; not respect the person I am regardless of my gender. Yet, look at the stigma I used as example to dress. Why do married women or women who are dating (I guess this happens) try to dress their men? Is there a notion that he doesn’t know how to look good … anymore? I imagine he looked dapper and debonair when he first approached you; otherwise, you wouldn’t have bothered.

Which to Choose?

Crossroads are a pain in the butt especially when we don’t have all the information. We, hopefully, first count the cost before choosing the college of our dreams, but we didn’t know some idiot was going to come in with a gun. Wouldn’t it be fair if God were to just let us know these choices and whatever is going to happen? I’m being biased because I’ve faced quite a bit in my life. I look at some who have done me in thinking, “Now, they do me in but they have this or that? That is not fair.” Technically, I don’t want any hurt or harm to come to any individual, however, I can admit when you see others “prevail” and you’re still chill’n where you were 70 years ago, it gets to you after awhile lol.

I’m just saying.

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