Blog Fridays: An Environment Teacher’s Testimony

A Mirror Reflects

I take great pride in talking about my family. The interesting notation, however, is they’re not normal (lol). Former President Obama and other intelligent black families are considered rare. Realization of a person’s surrounding is vital when considering any informative circumstances. Please, don’t be confused by this statement. It simply means we each live in an environment made up of an upbringing carried throughout generations full of ideas and their responses. Now, in my head, it makes perfect sense, but I also read where Cristian (a go to informative blogger) speaks of the meh approach we experience when writing. The part when we get lost in the trail of thought because the concept isn’t fully thought out. In my head the concept is quite clear. “We live in environments where our ancestors’ influence still effects us today.”

My Dad is fairly astute and a well rounded dude. He’s a pastor. He has other titles but the one that is most prevalent for me is Dad! Some may think, “Duh,” but because he has such titles as pastor it creates a stigma for my brothers and me; I’d gather even for my Mom. There is a certain perception when a person carries a title. When you think judge you, automatically, think smart. This person has taken out much time in legislative study — abreast to history and political science, etc. I’m unsure if any are willing to say their parents are not intelligent (I don’t want to sugarcoat; takes too long – lol). My Dad’s father only went to the 3rd grade. His father, well, I don’t think he got any further than that. My uncle (Dad’s brother) graduated with a G.E.D., however, his comprehension level was mediocre. Dad surrounded himself with gifted (innate abilities like prophets) intellectuals. He has a sense of balance though he has titles within the church.

So, what is the primary point? He (Dad) shared with me a few days ago that his grandfather on his mother’s side was, also, a great preacher. He knew how to expound on the scriptures, yet, he did not have a well balanced life in general. Wisdom wasn’t a principle thing. My uncle, R.I.P., was a fighter. He was always trying to fight someone or pulling out the “because I’m black” card; a passive aggressive kinda guy. Me, on the other hand, I graduated out of high school. I had no choice my parents didn’t play that lol. I was a B to A average student. I remember in 6th grade when, at a parent/teacher conference, my teacher told my Mom I will need to take comprehension classes. She didn’t know I heard her, but it stayed with me. I remember as a little girl asking my Dad “how did they talk like that.” They seemed so intelligent and I felt lost. I wanted to participate but couldn’t because I could not comprehend. He told me to listen! As I pay attention I will learn how to understand. Wow! Thanks Dad!

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There’s Only One Life

Taking those comprehension classes in college, at first, felt humiliating. I’m in college. What in Nissan’s (funny huh?) name am I doing having to take such classes? Looking back, it is the same as my Dad telling me to listen so that I can learn how to understand. Though my background includes those who didn’t finish school and some completing a lower level of education, drunks and drug addicts, mental disease, etc., I’m fortunate to say my environment’s teaching through my Dad’s choices has brought me here! A college graduate. A book writer. A business woman. An advocate for justice. A Christian who strives, daily, to be well rounded.

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