Bloggers Purpose or Purpose: Blogging?

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Confusion’s Apparel

Here ye! Here ye! Writing is now in session. The “honorable” writer presides! LOL! That’s funny right there. What does the title mean: “Bloggers Purpose” or “Purpose: Blogging?” The “Bloggers Purpose” stems from a blogger’s basic agenda. He or she will write about an idea creatively painting an intriguing picture that readers can’t wait to read the story of interest. The reader is then enlightened and/or entertained causing him or her to beg for more! And then there is the “Purpose: Blogging.” This is a person trying to figure out if they should write at all.

I don’t know if that appeared clear, especially since I’m writing about it, but I have had this plaguing question since a child of what is my purpose. I have various things that I sort of can do. I’m not even sure if there is such a thing as mastering an ability but have tried to become good at some of those abilities — putting practice in one area more than another. So, why am I still lost or, at least, continually feel this way? I had a conversation with my Dad this morning while at the gym about this and he told me that a person is not their purpose, however, I told him that a person’s purpose gives them a sense of identity. Who am I type thing. Like, I get that I am a child of God. A daughter, sister, friend, etc., yet why am I here? I told him that since childhood I’ve pondered this life I have. Again, why am I here?

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Speaks for itself

Here I am — writing! Am I fairly good at it? I don’t know. I’ve written some things and have received some positive views. I have also received great needful critiques, but … how come they’re still not enough? I love to help people. No! I have to do my usual. I truly LOVE helping people and want, if I can, for my writing (amongst other things) to be an encouragement, enlightenment, aid, teacher, etc. Hmmm, maybe that’s it …

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It’s NEVER Too Late 2 Figure Out

A “Bloggers Purpose” AND “Purpose: Blogging” — to utilize writing as a way to creatively motivate, etc., and KATHERINE … “It is something you do as a means to fulfill your desire …. helping others!”

What is your take on purpose overall?

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