Mirror Reflects: Bitterness

Image result for shooter in Las Vegas

Rocky Palermo, victim in Las Vegas shooting

Reflection for the day looks back at the 2017 shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada when Stephen Paddock decides to fire into a country concert. As reporters tend to do, they researched his background to make a connection; ultimately, to explain the, possible, reasons for his actions. It is what we do as a collective. The biggest question most of us ask is why. It is dire to know and understand whatever the situation. Upon discovery, Paddock had a basic life. He showed no signs that would lead him to such a horrendous act. So what triggered this out pour of violence?

Compounds of consistent ________ (fill in the blank because you know your personal experiences) will cause a reaction of any sort. Good! Bad! Or indifferent! It is a part of our makeup. Notice the word compound. Strong within itself, in context, means to worsen, intensify the negative aspects of. And this is done consistently or constant; ongoing. How can good be put into this case? Because it is based off a person’s view. Sometimes another person sees their admiration as good or “okay,” when in truth it has become a stalking situation. Recently, my brother was showing me an Insta-gram about Fred Hammond (famous Gospel artist) who went on social media to address a woman who has been stalking him. He did this, though trying other ways but unsuccessful, because she had begun to become violent. She tried to run into his vehicle’s door and trying to bring harm to others connected to him. He let us know that he had repeatedly said no to this woman but she, evidently, refused to take heed. She believes her advances are just and … well, whatever her demented reasons are.

Bitterness is anger and disappointment at being treated unfairly; resentment. This type of emotion doesn’t happen right away. It usually displays itself after a long period has passed. I gather with Mr. Paddock something of the sort took place in his life. Continued disappointment will bring you to this place. I liken it to depression. When depression hit me back in 2011 it was the result of the “compounded consistency.” After the Vegas incident I thought of my own situation. Why didn’t I get to that point to want to commit violence? If you’ve read any previous posts I talked about the battle of anger. Its recollect is anger is controlled; rage isn’t. Maybe that’s what happened. Mr. Paddock reached a point of rage.

When you can find no “evidence” that would lead to such cases … of course, there is the underlying “unseen” {or maybe dismissed} evidence of bitterness set in and not handled properly. As you look into the mirror what do you see? When you are the mirror for others what do you see? But maybe the question should be … are you trying, even want to, see what’s being reflected?

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