Tomorrow’s Yesterday

Are you a plan-a-holic trying, daily, to be one step ahead? Praying desperately to always have things in alignment so that success (achievement of some sort) defeats in inkling of failure? Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves, not so much for accomplishment sake, but because we lose track of what’s going on. Doesn’t seem possible especially when we are following the regiment of routine. Routine reminds us where we are and what needs to be done that day. The only mishap of such cases … you still lose track! How frustrating it can be.

Why is “tomorrow’s yesterday” so important? Why bother to even address something of the sort? Can you see its existence? Well, we as writers understand something unique. OK! I have to be fair. People who have that innate ability each have an approach to seeing (visually, creatively) the glass that is half empty filled to the brim and overflowing. We tend toward being able to pinpoint the unimaginative; exploring the impossible; explaining the enigmas. Its simplicity liken to Edison creating the light bulb because he wanted something that could sustain the radiance of light. I know! That wasn’t simple. It took him time, mindset of probability and looking beyond the veil to cross the finish line. But that is the key to what I’m talking about. When “sidetracked” happens it doesn’t take away from what we do. It doesn’t even set us back like some may believe. Actually — it affords the opportunity to chuckle thinking today is Friday when it’s only Thursday (I thought yesterday was Thursday lol) and it gives the writing idea to reach out to my fellow humankind to, yet again, point out our tie!

Good Like Medicine

I notice I write about this … a lot! I mean, a lot! There’s something about connection that prompts me to delve into my everyday! I wake-up, sleep, write, sing, play, wonder the constant of we are one! I’m proud to be related to every nationality there is. It just dawned on me that I’m related to the President (lol). Well, some of us know our ABCs 123s and some of us are learning how to crawl (lol). I guess, in its final analysis, I will keep hope and praying in my momentary “tomorrow’s yesterdays” I can meet people like the President and help them learn …. something!!

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