The Art of Depiction

I feel happy. Oh so happy.

The brain is an incredible tool containing within it a vast amount of blood (LOL). You know me by now! A lot of things are not as they seem which broadens the mere thought of that tool I’m talking about. In the figurative sense, we were giving a tool which governs our functionality. It is pretty interesting that a person can be sustained on life support for years as long as there is brain activity but no machine can control keeping our brains going.

Image result for individual minds

The mind! The mind! The mind … the transference of information; the profoundness of our senses. The creativity of our God taking the soil of the earth and water making clay; shaping it into an astounding form {what we understand to be human} having the ability to heal itself from a bruised knee that we hit against a desk. Once He breathed into it, it became a living soul! I don’t know if you would agree but that’s miraculously awesome! Long story short, Eve and Adam would eat of the tree, eyes become opened (aware of things they did not know prior to) and the mind is forever changed. Beforehand, when He created the animals, He brought them to Adam to see what he would name them. I’m curious: what caused him to name them what he did without “foreknowledge?” There was no such thing. At least that I can recall. Sorry … these types of things blow my mind. It leaves me to bask in the thought of individuality. What you see (understand) is not what I see. And even when we see the same thing how we arrive is so different!

Mona Lisa

Growing up I heard much about this painting. I did not understand the big deal. Who was Mona Lisa? Why did Leonardo Da Vinci paint it? I know there’s history behind it. But the valued point was … once I became older, I was told this art is used for various reasons. The biggest reason is: WHAT DO YOU SEE?! Da Vinci’s depiction is the art itself, but what would you have painted in thinking of Mona Lisa? Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Funny! I used to hear this a lot too, but didn’t fully get it. Light bulb moment … it’s just like the Mona Lisa!!

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