KATch-UP Mondays: Jumbo-LIE-huh?

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Which idea again?

I absolutely love these titles that pop in my head. I read in a few of my comments that writing for them becomes easy. The person can just sit and write and write and write. And then there are those of us that be like … “Whaaat?” LOL. Those days, as talked about before, can be the worst. However, this time, I’m actually talking about bringing my writing idea together. I have much going on and I’m trying to put one sentence down. You know how you used to do in college to fill that 2,000 word essay on Social Economics and you found yourself typing words like “and, it, the, of, from, because, etc.,” over and over and over (LMBO)! It’s too hilarious!

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What’s going on?

The theme today is katchy! Hehehe! It’s full of wonder because we all face moments when we have the idea but it’s not fully clear how to start or get it to the height before you, can fathom, conclusion. Yes! That is what I’m talking about. But I guess the writers out there that know all the tricks and trades of writing have the slightest idea what I’m talking about. I’ve admitted that I’m an amateur in such things. Interesting, if you had a one on one conversation I have no problem whatsoever keeping up. Things, in sequence, fall in-line and I can go back and forth for hours on end; unless the topic is about the President (lol). ………..OK … sidebar … did yawl catch the golden win for America?!!! Wooohoo to the ladies who brought home the world cup. Congrats to you all. You earned it. Seems like a 2-0 win is nothing, but I know you put everything into it to win. What appears easy for viewers is blood, sweat and tears for players; well, and coaches (lol). Anywho~ … yeah, don’t wanna spend my long hard earned money (time) on that dude.

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Curiosity’s Truth

So, drop me some lines to tell me how you untangle those ideas and just write for days on end. OR … are you willing to concede that it happens? Hmmmmm … the “Jumble-LIE-huh?”

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