Between Betwixt: Justice?

Justice is 4 all?

You know, I think I’m the last one that can argue anything going on in the world. I say this because I believe, or just willing to admit, I’m confused most of the time (lol). I remember my Philosophy 13 class in college. An actual subject of debate had to be taken and argued equally for both sides. This was tough for me. While researching the various subjects I, obviously, had my reasons for my choices but it was difficult to argue the other side’s position. My approach kept coming out as a “slanted view.” I tried and tried and tried but just could not achieve the ultimate goal of strengthening the “opponent’s” viewpoint.

Here it is this case of the woman 5 months pregnant who was shot in the abdomen and her baby died. She is now facing charges for placing her baby in harms way. So, on one hand I get that. You see danger … you don’t run towards it you get out of the way, especially, when you’re pregnant. How-FREAKING-ever, she’s about to face charges for something she didn’t not start. The woman shot her and she’s being punished! Wait, am I missing something?! Are there ANY charges being brought against this other woman? Now, there is this unaware situation of they didn’t mention any charges against the woman committing the crime (which would be most important than the woman who was caught in between), yet, there is also the point of — why does America glamorize the most inane stuff and then suppose it “justice for all?”

I find myself betwixt because I am an American citizen! There is great joy and pride to be able to wake up each day; go to the gym, and complete my daily routines! Yet, I’m troubled because we take this very freedom for granted. Yes, I know this should be tomorrow’s blog but it’s so befitting for the moment! What we see as justice or injustice, a lot of times, is the complete opposite! If the pregnant woman had something to do with the situation that took place then, by all means, there should be some repercussions, but if she had nothing to do with it … wouldn’t it be our job to be there for her since she lost her baby in an unknown circumstance she happened into?

You tell me!

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