KATch-UP Mondays: Cussin’ is Where It’s @

Good morning to you all! As you can see by my title, you’re in for a ride today (lol). Well, it all started back when I was thinking about some of things that I’ve gone through that were really, really, really, really bad! Did I mention really bad? (LOL)! OMG, some stuff that, almost till this day, can leave me speechless. Being called out of one’s name is never fun. Being treated as though you’re less than humane is condescending within itself. I mean, how can I not be a person? How can I not be a woman? Do I think we each carry the opposite side of us in some sort of way? Of course. And, NOPE, I refuse to get into the whole feel like a man in a woman or feel like a woman in a man’s body! No! No! NO, NO NO!!!! (LMBO).

I’m talking about situations like I was raised in a house full of boys. I was really close to my two older brothers; then two older cousins had to move in with us because their environment was not conducive for them. And, on top of that, I was really close to my Dad. NOT DADDY’S GIRL, crap! He can’t stand a spoil child. He’d discipline before he’d allow us to whine about anything. He demanded respect for the entire household, and that was a live or die kinda situation lol! … In being raised around all these boys I took on boy tendencies. They taught me how to throw a football. We used to play tag football. It was actually pretty fun. I climbed trees; tried helping them build a treehouse; climbed fences, etc. So, in watching them being an only (as much as they would let me) I took on male kinda stuff! — sidebar, I played with barbie dolls, and house and, I guess, “girl stuff” but it was nothing like hanging with the guys!

So, how did it come to be that a person would say or treat me less than my humanity? Life! We have all been beaten down some sort of way and it brought us to thinking (even if we didn’t say it) bleep, bleep, bleep, to bleep, bleep bleep. C’mon! You’ve got to be willing to admit it. The cliche goes right here … “Well, nobody’s perfect! We all make mistakes!” Shoot, of course — duh!

Recently, I was reminiscing with one of my brothers about some of those past experiences. I shared with him how I cussed these individuals out! I said stuff like, “You know what, I FORGIVE you!” “Thank you sir/ma’am!” Or … ” ………nothing at all …..!” Shocked huh?! You thought I was actually talking about cussing people out! Well, I was. Sometimes saying “forgive” feels like cussing! It tears the heart out making you feel like you’re going to bleed out letting the person know a “few thangs.” It is the most painful cuss word to use when someone has done you in!

In fact, I think you should try it! Instead of using the words that demean or actually puts you beneath the adversary in the moment, use the best cuss word there is: I FORGIVE …!! Just think, we as bloggers believe our words will be of asset or some type of benefit, so maybe we need to take it that far in our day to day! The words we speak are life in a blog! Let them also be life in LIFE!!

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