Road Trip Terror

MindFILLED driving

Brake drivers! Have you experienced being behind someone who ride their brakes? Are you one of those drivers who ride your brakes? OMG!!! What is the matter with you? (LOL). An absolute nightmare being on the road filled with those who drive with their brakes. That seems impossible, but it is very possible. A brake driver is one who uses their brakes even when someone is not in front of them. A brake driver uses their brake to coast down the road. A brake driver, when there is traffic, brakes even if the car is a mile ahead! A brake driver is one who, still in traffic, one close to the vehicle brakes just before they hit the other car but fail to realize the drivers behind them. I think they forget that there are drivers on the side and behind — not just in front! Most brake drivers don’t know how to enter a freeway at the speed of traffic. They actually merge onto the ramp as though it’s 12 midnight when cars are bare minimum. OMG!!!! Stop it! (lol).

One of my biggest fears in driving is to get from the side. A friend of mine got hit last year. He told me recovery has been tedious. He sent me a picture of his truck; it was damaged badly. I’m thankful he came out okay. I think he said the driver was also okay. Yesterday, my worst fear almost came to past … but, in this case, I was the person to hit someone on the side. Traffic was heavy so there’s going to be much go stop action. The driver in front of me was that brake driver. He waited to late to brake for the person in front of him so he slammed on his brakes swerving away towards the left but wound up spinning around to the middle. Thankfully, the other lanes were empty. When he slammed on his brake I was able to get over into the far right (in front of a diesel), but when he spent into the middle he came into my lane. I was just inches away from hitting him but was able to maneuver to the left to not hit him. The diesel behind me, evidently, witnessing the whole thing had already begun to slow down. He was able to stop in time!

So, what needs to be said, again?! STOP WITH THE BRAKE DRIVING!!! (lol) FYI, the car slows down by itself if you take your foot off the gas! OMG!!! Please, stop it lol.

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