KATch-UP Mondays: Bad/Good Luck

Is superstition real? Is there such a thing as one act follows over the next? Why does opposites dominate? I’ve heard for many years that something good was going to happen and when the next event came it was the same. Which begs the question — don’t sometimes you want to tell people to up shut?! LOL. You get the point, right? LOL.

Is it not interesting that the “good luck” people began to fear when, seemingly impossible, continuously happens? In this I was told the “too good to be true” and unrealistic standpoint. But how could it be when good things kept happening? Opposites shine a light! Each party find fear or encouragement. That’s actually kinda creepy.

The dawning: the commonality can reach suicide!!! That’s unfreakingbelievable!! (a word I created several years ago meaning it’s shocking, incredible and/or impossible). It seems imperative that the one who finds constant gloom would, eventually, take their lives. But what’s crazy, most of those who find constant success bear a greater burden. Neither are true.

The wonder: isn’t “good luck – bad luck” an assessment? Does it include other’s view? Be sure to leave a comment. I’d like to know your opinion.

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