Blog Fridays: Please, Give Up!

Sure about that?

What in the heck?! The world’s mounted platitudes have become ridiculous! A mere assumption, if you will, that it’s THE gateway toward happiness. WRONG!! I disagree with the picture posted: “When you feel like quitting … Think about why you started.” I grant it bears some truth to it, but it empties the entirety of the “Different Situation’s Act” (lol).

Proverbs are around for a reason. They are guides toward wisdom and, because wisdom supposed to be the principle thing we seek after, we should actually take out time to not be so hasty to assume these “such encouragements” are readily the way to go!

I won’t leave you hanging! Example: you and another driver are on the freeway. The other driver is showing great amounts of recklessness when suddenly traffic hits. The lane he/she is in have to merge over because there’s road work ahead. This driver speeds up to pass you noting the highway has reached its end, but you have the right of way. Is it necessarily courtesy that causes you to allow them in or is it because the recklessness prior too? It is this moment you take that “When you’ve started …” and throw it out the window. Concede to defeat! It is better to not cause a wreck than to place yourself and others in harms way. Yes, it won’t always be fair, but that is the way it must be for WISDOM’S SAKE!!

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