Medicated Fear = Valor

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The dynamic of taking a life isn’t as it seems. It appears that those who can rather by a gun, drunk driving, smoking, etc., fully have the confidence emitted. But this isn’t true. You have to meditate on something continuously to get the nerve to pull the trigger; drink so much and believe you’re not impaired. Smoking? Why is this included? Great question. When a person smokes there’s already a cautionary that cancer may develop. This idea comes but there is, somewhat, a false hope that it won’t happen to them. To consider others is not a factor, however, the smokers are aware that secondhand smoke is more lethal than that of firsthand. Study show that the inhalation of secondhand is also accompanied with environmental toxins. This, therefore, increase chances of disease.

This morning’s blog is inspired by the recent gunman who was about to go into the federal building to kill those inside. Yes, a sigh of relief that he was caught before anyone got hurt. Yet, that’s not the point! And I am thankful all are okay! … This is about what did it take for that man to get to such a point of no return. It took a medicated fear! That makes absolutely no sense but is perfect in all sense! He clearly was meditating on what, when, where, why and how he wanted to accomplish this “goal”. Some personal experience brought him to that day. Just as others in the past who decided the same. A type of hurt, injustice, or disappointment took place and, evidently, these sort of things were constantly happening. After a while you find the “cure”. Yes, the ultimate goal will be obtained. Who can stop them? No one! The valor … getting into an accident taking out a life. Cancer (enough said)! And the trigger — at least you may die in the process and if you don’t you will go down in history as being talked about. After all, America loves to publicize such events!!

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