Blogger’s Digest: Reading

This book by John Green was quite an enjoyment. As I walked through Barnes and Nobles looking for a gift I came across this book. Guess what and why it caught my attention. I recall one of our faithful helpful bloggers stating that titles must capture attention. Enticement draws or repels. Sidebar: rather unusual that it repels. We understand that temptation can get any of us in a heap of trouble. I tell people a lot, “Just because I can do a thing doesn’t mean I should.” But I digress …

This novel of Katherines was quite the intrigue. Consuming each chapter seemed easier than counting. I laughed. I gasped. I learned. I savored every twist offered. Years ago, I wasn’t an avid reader. Reading? Huh! Yeah right! Not me. It was only a few years back that reading became fulfilling. This book is actually the first book I’ve ever read for leisure. I’m pretty stoked about that! What book(s) have inspired you to become a blogger? It’s the reason behind the title. We as bloggers write so that others will “digest” our words.

I can’t think of the blogger’s name who takes the time to lend a hand (he has over a 1k followers I believe), but I thank him for his help. I’ll never become “professional” at blog life. However, I will keep trying to perfect what I offer. And, as I said in another blog, if I can get one reader … I’m not doing to bad!

By the way …. if you hadn’t figured out why the title of this book captured me … it has my name. What are the chances to find a book that has your name and spells it exactly how you spell yours? lol

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