Blog Fridays: Adrenaline

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It’s always exciting to participate in things that will get the heart rate going. Well, maybe the term always is a tad strong. Going to the gym is hard work but, in such cases, that’s more about consistency. Waking up at 3 AM to hit that treadmill grind becomes exhausting at times. My Dad and I each take turns, “I’m too tired to go. My body is starting to feel those aches and pains.” Then we both laugh because the other knows we’re gonna get up the next day to do it all over again.

So, let’s get into the exciting adrenaline I’m talking about. It’s that rush where you’re playing a favorite card, board, family game; or competing in a sport; or the pent up you’re about to scream “TOUCHDOWN!” for your favorite football team. Now, that … that’s the adrenaline I’m talking about. The intensity arises. You feel like you’re on the court with your team. We’re ahead by 3 points but the opposing team has the ball. 23 seconds left on the clock. What will happen? Will the other team score? Edge of your seat. The last gasp of breath. And …………..

Weekend's rush?
Let an electrifying moment awaken
Face a fear. Forgive a hurt
Take the chance to be unshaken
Heavy laden is too much to carry
Do overs are only once in a while
This opportunity is yours to grab
Remember to always do things in respectful style
Make peace after mistakes
Truth tends to be all resolve
Find daily reasons to be thankful
Be the example in constant evolve

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