Is It Possible?


Good morning! This will be a short and, hopefully, sweet to the point blog today. I have a simple, yet, complex question. Is it possible to not be in fear with our President’s choices? This new occurrence of it “being okay to allow other countries involvement” scares the living daylights out of me. He has already said and done things that are troubling, but this one … I just don’t know!

Please, help! I try to be a person who face things rather I know what’s ahead or not, but this particular thing has me (since 3 this morning) saying, “I’m really scared!” Worry doesn’t resolve anything! It’s fruitful in that it reaps stress lol. But how do we deal with the President who grips the very air we breathe? We can be killed in an instant by the push of a button. Supposed freedom?! Explain, beyond a vote, how to handle this.

How did those who dealt with Hitler and other dictators survive it?

2 thoughts on “Is It Possible?

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    1. Well, thank you kindly! It is quite appreciated! I read, from one of the other bloggers, that illustrations can really bring out (convey) the picture. You know it’s said that a picture is like a 1k words!! I want my readers, and even when I’m reading others material, to paint a vivid picture and enhance the point given!

      Thanks again!!!

      Wow, just reread your comment … “…you can actually benefit individuals dramatically.” It is important and, hopefully, I can keep it up!!!

      Have a good one!!

      PS, I do apologize for the late response. I just realized my comments were going into my spam folder!


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