Blog Block: Invisibility

Liken to those “less” than us, we don’t see them as they truly
are because we actually don’t take out the time to pay attention.

What is a writer’s worse fear?! How does it happen? Why does it happen? I’ve been sitting in front of my laptop ready to type something; anything! The light bulb moment, finally, appears on the top of my head: Blog Block! A moment in time where nothing comes to mind. We stare at the blank page (or computer) for minutes, hours on end waiting for something to enter and … nothing! What an awful feeling to have.

I’m discovering another connection with my fellow writers. We all have that moment when everything goes black. The once filled mind empties of the ideas we thought of before setting ourselves to write. What occurred? Well, for me … ME! Hmmm, I think I’m learning that my block, sometimes, come when I have too much going on. Then I start to feel guilty if I don’t get a chance to, in this case, blog. Sadly, I recall a post when I said I was removing guilt for not being able to post. My laptop went on a fritz and it took the tech longer than expected to fix the issue. In over a week I wasn’t able to get on the site. That’s when I “presumably” worked through my anxiety of not blogging. I mean after all we are paying to have others read what we write. We want others to take out time to read what we have to say because, somehow, we believe it’s “important.” And then you learn that you may get one reader here or there and then so on and so on …

The truth of peace prevails and I calmly return to myself. Of course, I would love for people to hear my voice (in general actually) through this blog. But that has been the catcher most of my life. I’m invisible! Sometimes I don’t want the mountain to overshadow me; even from those right in front of my face. To end the internal scream, “I’m right here! I’m right here!” … and just be … okay!

Aaaah, so I end this with saying, again, “A delighted thank you to Word Press (those who put it together, bloggers and readers) for allowing me a voice!”

2 thoughts on “Blog Block: Invisibility

  1. 🙂 I am not scared by a blank page because I have been filling those blank pages for quite some time. I have learned, that if I can do it once, I can do it again.

    The truth is: the more that you write is the better you get at it (The same thing can be said for blogging).

    Do enjoy the rest of your day, Katherine.

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    1. Very true Renard! You definitely have a point if the person writes all the time. I’m just not lying to myself that I’m going to write all the time. I, finally, just realized (well, a little while ago lol) that I don’t have to write in rhythm. I don’t like calling it poetry because it is so much more than that. But, yeah, just realized I don’t have to do that to write. I, also, like what you’re saying because if I were to write more often, not just within the blog, it would loosen me up!

      Have a wonderful day.

      PS … sorry it took so long to reply. I’m still getting the hang of things, but THANK YOU for your comment! It’s quite appreciated!!!

      Have a good one, Renard!

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