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“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”

What can I say to these things? Another Friday has come and will become the yesterday of tomorrow. Nature will, again, lead us in a chorus of Amazing Grace: a sound so sweet that it continuously bestows upon us mercy for the day’s long. We will (or have already) enter the conventionality of mental and emotional unanimity saying, “Another week completed.” The arrival of our agains are here! Let it empty oppositions of fatigue and gather the serenity of “I’ve made it!” … “And on the seventh day He (God) completed His work blessing and sanctifying it for the work He had done.”

The Benediction:

     Make melodies in your heart
Sing as never before
For renewal is a part of our everyday
But nothing like the rest in restore
It affords us clarity to forget
Yes, have, at least, two to three days of fun
The catch is that we must ALLOW this to be
It's how relaxation becomes
God shined upon us from the very beginning
He knew just what we'd need
Rid any guilt you may possibly carry
A true gift indeed
Now, indulge in the replenish
Be truthful to excess
Enjoy the weekend full speed ahead
It is the key to Monday's finesse

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