“He got my GOAT”

Feel the agony

Can you see the agony in the goat’s face? Poor baby. He looks to be in so much distress that yelling, “Arrrrrrrrrrrgh!” was his only cry out. I’m not surprised that sometimes I “fall for the okie doke.” Meaning, something got to me that I thought I overcame. What actually surprises me is that when I come back to myself (mental stability of truth) I then wonder, “What the heck? Did you just fall for that?” And I have to admit, “Yes! I did.”

It pains me when I fall for stupidity. Now, forgive me to those who don’t like the word stupid. It’s not my intent to be insulting or belittling to anyone. There are just some circumstances staring down the barrel of “now, that’s just stupid.” As you can see, I’m having to use a lot of quotation marks today to tell this joyous wonder of crazyland. Allow the name lol.

So, this guy was insulting me just a couple of days ago and it got to me. The crazy part is: he called me the weekend prior and I thanked him with whatever he said. Our conversation (the gist) that Saturday morning went something like this: The Dude: “So, you’ve grown since the last time I spoke to you.” The reply: “How can you tell? You haven’t been around me.” The Dude: “I can just tell. You’ve matured.” The reply: “Well, thank you, The Dude.” The big deal, you may ask, some years back he told me the only way people get to know other people is by being around them. You can’t get to know them by phone. Yet, 3 years later {I’m not around this man … ever!!!} he can hear in my voice that I’ve matured? Mind you, I don’t talk to this individual much. It’s usually here and there and I usually tell him it’s best to just say hi then goodbye! lol

I was about to put what happened this past Friday but will leave it be. What does it sound like to you? Maybe you gathered this dude has an interest. You’d be correct. Only problem, I told him NO 3 to 4 years ago.

Hmmm, I know my next blog …. Women are nothing get used to it! LMBO

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